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CIIP Introduction

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China Investment Information Platform (CIIP) aims to provide an aggregate business and technical platform for overseas information vendors (IVs) to receive mainland China market data; and mainland China IVs to receive overseas market data.

The CIIP distributes real time market data of different asset classes: securities, derivatives, index, commodities and index futures, etc. to overseas and mainland China investors in order to enhance the transparency of the global markets.


Technical Platform

Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Level-2 overseas IVs can receive all the market data provided by mainland China third party content providers on the same platform through SSE Level-2 distribution system. Mainland China IVs can receive overseas exchanges real time market data through SSE Level-2 distribution system in mainland China.


Business Platform

CIIS acts as the sales agent to handle agreement among related parties. Overseas IVs can apply the licenses for mainland China third party content providers data in CIIP through one entity – CIIS by going through the same application process and entering the same standard service agreement. Mainland China IVs can apply licenses for different overseas Exchanges data in one platform – CIIP. 


CIIP market data includes:


To Overseas Vendors:

• Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Level-1 FAST and Level-2 real time data
• Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) stock option real time data
• Real time and fundamental China Indices data (indices created by SSE and China Securities Index Company Ltd.
• Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) Level-1 and Level-2 real time data
• Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) Level-1 and Level-2 real time data
• China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEx) Level-1 and Level-2 real time data
• Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) Level-1 real time data1
• Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) and Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) real time data




To Mainland China Vendors:

• Deutsche Börse and STOXX Indices, Spot Market Germany, Eurex futures and options real time data
• EURONEXT Cash Market, Derivatives, and Indices real time data2
• Kazakhstan Stock Exchange real time data
• Moscow Exchange real time data
• B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão real time data
• Johannesburg Stock Exchange real time data
• Singapore Exchange real time data





Note: 1. CIIS acts as technical agent only;  2. CIIS acts as sales agent only



For more information, please contact Marketing Department (marketing@ciis.com.hk)