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Shanghai Futures Exchange joined China Investment Information Platform


Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) is joining China Investment Information Platform (CIIP) and overseas information vendors can receive SHFE and Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE, the subsidiary of SHFE) real time data through the CIIP in Q2 2018.

SHFE is the sixth mainland China exchange on the platform. After the implementation of SHFE and INE market data, overseas information vendors can receive market data of all major China Exchanges, including two stock exchanges, one index company, one financial futures exchange, and three commodity exchanges through CIIP. 

"We are delighted to conclude the cooperation with SHFE before the launch and listing of Crude Oil Futures on INE on 26th March 2018. The expanded partnership of CIIP could help international investors to have broaden market data from China market.” Mr. Bean ZHANG, Managing Director of CIIS said.

For any enquiries of SHFE market data, please free to contact CIIS:

Business: marketing@ciis.com.hk

Technical: technical@ciis.com.hk


About China Investment Information Platform

China Investment Information Platform (CIIP), which is established by China Investment Information Services Limited (CIIS) in 2010, aims to provide an aggregate business and technical platform for overseas information vendors (IVs) to receive mainland China market data and mainland China IVs to receive overseas market data.

The CIIP distributes real time and delayed market data of different asset classes: securities, derivatives, index, commodities and index futures, etc. to overseas and mainland China investors in order to enhance the transparency of the global markets.