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At initial stage, Hong Kong site only provides Virtual Machine Rental Service (IaaS). Application Hosting Service and Value-Added Service will be provided in the future.


Service Model

Scope of Service


Billing Method

Virtual Machine Rental Service

Virtual Machine with Internet and

Market Data*

PC or

Mobile Application

Per Unit

Virtual Machine

Cloud Computing







*Market data includes:

  • SSE Level-1 market data

  • SSE Level-2 market data

  • SSE Stock Options market data

  • China indices market data (indices created by SSE and China Securities Index Co, Ltd.)

  • Third party market data

Hong Kong site is suitable for market data terminals and mobile applications. Customers are able to get SSE market data and China indices from the site, and also other mainland China exchanges market data will be added to the site in the future. Moreover, customers can rent virtual machines in Mainland China sites via CIIS. Customers are able to provide market data services to users located in overseas and mainland China easily and at low cost. The configuration of virtual machine in Mainland China site is almost the same as Hong Kong site’s. Customer can effortlessly clone and transfer all applications to Mainland China sites. Last but not least, customers can easily increase or decrease virtual machines cloud capacity. Customers can save the costs and time on investing and managing physical infrastructure.