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Policies and Guidelines

  • Info Pack of IVs License Application (v20210901)
  • SSE and China Indices Market Data Policies and Guidelines (v20220101)
  • Fee Schedule (v20230301)
  • CFFEX Non-Display Information Usage Guideline (v20210728)
  • ZCE NDU Guideline (v20240115)
  • Monthly Subscriber Report Submission Guideline (v20200713)
  • iDATA Service Guide (v202110)
  • iDATA Fee Schedule (v202110)
  • Historical Data Product Manual (v20230531)
  • Historical Data Fee Schedule (v20220524)


  • New Service Application Form for Real Time Market Data (Form RT) (v20240417)
  • New Service Application Form for Non- Real Time Market Data (Form NRT) (v20220214)
  • New Vendor Application Form (Form NV) (v20240417)
  • SSE Datafeed Usage Information Sheet (Form DU) (v1.2)
  • Related Companies Information (Form RC)
  • Licensee Contact Information (Form LC) (v20200515)
  • CFFEX Non-Display Usage Information Sheet (Form CNDU) (v1.2)
  • Historical Data Order Form (Form HD) (v20240430)
  • ZCE NDU Information Sheet (Form ZNDU) (v1.1)

Technical Specification

  • SSE LDDS Level-2 Technical Specification 2.0.9
  • LDDS System Static Data Interface Instruction (1.1.19)_20230814
  • V3.3.3(Production) VDE
  • SSE Historical Market Data Technical Specification
  • Direct Connection Information Pack (Leased Lines)