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By seamlessly integrating the exchange's internal and external data resources, CIIS offers comprehensive fundamental market data services to overseas information vendors and end users, facilitating better investment opportunities for overseas investors in the China capital market. Key offerings include historical market data, announcement documents, summaries of announcements, structured data, statistical data, and reference data etc.


For details, please contact idata@ciis.com.hk



I. Announcement Documents Service

To provide unified and standardized company announcement, the announcement covers:

  • ▪  SSE Mainboard and Starboard
  • ▪  SSE Bond Market
  • ▪  SSE Fund Market
  • ▪  SSE Letter of Inquiries

Data source and update frequency are the same as Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) official website.

Announcements published before 09:00 local time of SSE are considered as T+0.
Announcements published after 15:00 local time of SSE are considered as T+1.


II. Announcement Structured Data Service

The Announcement Structured Data Service is processed through artificial intelligence technology and verified by internal XBRL data. It provides announcement summary and data in Chinese and English versions. The data includes:

  • ▪  Periodic Announcements Summary
  • ▪  Stock Basic Information
  • ▪  Financial Data
  • ▪  Company Business Data
  • ▪  Shares and Shareholders
  • ▪  Temporary Announcement


III. Statistic and Reference Data Service

To provide the market with various statistic data from the exchange's internal data to meet the different usage scenarios including Securities Basic Data, trading reference and post trade market data.

  • ▪  Securities Basic Information
  • ▪  Share Capital
  • ▪  Trading suspension and resumption
  • ▪  Margin financing and securities lending
  • ▪  Trading Statistics
  • ▪  Stock pledge repurchase
  • ▪  Convertible bond statistics
  • ▪  ETF Data