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The Fifth Global Information Vendor Conference successfully held in Xi’an


CIIS held the Fifth Global Information Vendor Conference successfully in Xi’an between 18 April and 20 April 2018. The three-day event achieved desired results.

The whole day conference was on 19 April, started by the opening and welcome speeches given by Mr. Bo QUE, Vice President of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Chairman of CIIS, and Ms. Dujuan WAN, Chairman of SSE Infonet Ltd., respectively. More than 100 peers joined the conference. Eight representatives from exchanges or information vendors introduced the products and services of their company.

During the conference, we presented three awards ‘Best Information Vendor’, ‘Most Valuable Vendor’ and ‘CIIP Partnership Award’ to information vendors and partners. Ten information vendors win the ‘Best Information Vendor’: Bloomberg L.P., ET Net Limited, ICE Data Services, Infocast Limited, N2N-AFE (Hong Kong) Limited, QUICK Corp., Shanghai DZH Limited, Shanghai Wind Information Co., Ltd, Thomson Reuters, Yonhap Infomax Co. Ltd. Bloomberg L.P. also wins the ‘Most Valuable Vendor’. Nine companies win the ‘CIIP Partnership Award’: China Securities Index Company Limited, Dalian Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd., Deutsche Börse, East Money Information Co. Ltd., Euronext NV, Moscow Exchange, Shanghai Financial Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wind Information Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Esunny Information Technology Co., Ltd.

For the event details, please check HERE.