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Individual Subscriber Fee Package is available now


Individual subscriber fee package (“New Package”) is available for application with effective from 7-Mar 2018 and the details are as follows.


Distribution Channel Lump Sum Subscriber Fee (per annum)
PC Terminal (per product) US$40,000
Website (per website) US$30,000
Portable Device (per application) US$20,000


Requirements and Restrictions:

1. Information Vendors (“IVs”) who already have the real time license of SSE (Level 1 or Level 2) and China Indices market data are eligible to apply the New Package.

2. After subscribing to the New Package, IVs could provide real time streaming SSE Level 1 with five levels market depth and China Indices market data to individual subscribers (with or without login) for display purpose according to the distribution channel they subscribed, subscriber fee for individual subscriber will be waived.

3. Subscriber Reports are not required under the New Package. 

4. The New Package is only applicable for individual investors. IVs should have proper measure to identify the subscribers and make sure they are not institutional clients. Standard Subscriber fee for institutional subscribers will be remain unchanged and will not be affected even if their IVs have subscribed to the New Package.

5. The New Package is only for free open channel.

6. After subscribing to the New Package, IVs still have to report the institutional subscriber units and pay the standard fee accordingly, however the minimum monthly subscriber fee would be deemed as fulfilled.


IVs who subscribe to the New Package can get fee waiver for the annual subscriber fee until 30 June 2018. The annual subscriber fee of each distribution channel will be charged annually from 1st July 2018.


For details, please contact marketing@ciis.com.hk .